Anecta acts as adviser in both domestic and international transactions. It is not unusual nowadays for sellers and buyers to be in different countries. We consider the Nordics to be our home market, but we also execute buy and sell assignments at the international level.

Poultry Equipment

Storskogen Utveckling acquired Swedfarm

Storskogen Utveckling AB has acquired all shares in Swedfarm AB from former owner Svensk Matfågel AB. Svensk Matfågel AB is owned by Peter, Robert and Sofia Möller. Swedfarm is Sweden’s leading supplier of equipment and birds for egg and poultry (eg broiler and turkey) farmers. Storskogen Utveckling AB is a long-term owner partner, which develops its operations with the goal of establishing stable revenue and profit growth over time. Storskogen Utveckling, which is privately owned, currently consists of 13 companies with a total turnover of approximately 1.2 billion.

Care Company

Nytida acquired Ekbacka

Nytida has acquired Ekbacka, a special accommodation in Urshult, Småland, which addresses persons with mental or social disabilities. Ekbacka is located in close proximity to Nytida’s existing centre Trehörna in Urshult. Ekbacka has 40 places for people with mental and social disabilities, in some cases in combination with addiction problems. Ekbacka has about 30 employees, was founded in 1981 and was previously owned by Thomas Johansson. Nytida is Sweden’s leading player in providing support for children, young people and adults for the whole of life’s needs in disability and psychosocial problems. Nytida has about 400 locations around the country and about 7,000 employees. Nytida is part of the Ambea group, which offers care for elderly people, housing support, education and staffing in care and welfare.

Wholesale trade

Cefour Wine & Beverage Partihandel (publ) acquired Vinfabriken Sverige

Vinfabriken Sverige AB sells proprietary and imported wine and spirits products and non-alcoholic beverages. Vinfabriken is a well-known brand with an ecological and environmentally friendly profile, where the production is based on Swedish raw materials and carefully selected wine, spirits and cider products from partners around the world. Cefour Wine & Beverage AB (publ) sells and distributes wines and other suitable beverages, which have been dropped on specially designed, practical and ready-made disposable glass of non-refractory recyclable plastic.

Cleaning and hygien items

Pac-Production Sweden (PAC) acquired City Papper

Pac is one of the Nordic region’s leading suppliers of disposable and consumable items for restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, retailers and the public sector. City Papper has revenues of approximately 130 MSEK with locations in Stockholm and Uppsala. City Papper is a leading supplier of consumables to the cleaning and industrial sectors. The CEO of Pac Martin Mivér comments about the transactions “We see that the companies complement each other on a productive basis and that the cultures of both companies are attracted to each other”.


Derome Timber acquired Okome Träindustri

Derome is today Sweden’s largest family-owned wood industry, and with the acquisition of AB Okome Träindustri, this position is further strengthened. AB Okome Träindustri was founded in 1928 by Gottfrid Dahlberg and has since been run as a family company, now in the third generation. It is a modern and well-managed facility, the company has continuously invested and streamlined its operations. The production today is 45,000 m3 sawn goods per year. Derome Timber will run the business from January 1 under the Derome brand.


Oscar of Sweden acquired by AS Sangar

The Swedish fashion company Oscar of Sweden is sold in an asset deal to Estonian AS Sangar. Oscar of Sweden has more than 60 years of history and is today known for the design of high quality shirts. With the acquisition, the buyer forms a new subsidiary in Sweden that takes over the entire operations in Oscar of Sweden, as well as the company name.


Office Management makes strategic acquisition in Finland

Anecta assists Office Management in the acquisition of Bitify Oy, a Finnish IT outsourcing company. Office Management is a global provider of IT, communications and offices in the SMB segment in Sweden with over 7500 customers and 320 employees. Priveq is the company’s main owner since 2012. Bitify, based in Espoo, is an IT provider that outsources IT and other related office functions to small and medium-sized businesses. The service offer includes, in addition to IT operations and support, services such as telephony, cloud solutions and hardware. Through the deal, Bitify will be able to offer its customers a more complete offer in an increasingly competitive market, while Office Management expands on a Nordic level.


Top on Top acquired Axlås and Solidlås

The Örebro-based family company, Top on Top, is now expanding its security operations through the acquisition of Axlås AB and AB Solidlås. Sellers are Peter Karlsson Lås och Säkerhets Holding AB. With the acquisition of Axlås and Solidlås, Top on Top has six lock & alarm stores in Stockholm and one in Södertälje. The operations in the Stockholm area now have 65 employees, and together they account for just over SEK 90 million. On a national basis, the Group’s security operations are located in Stockholm, Södertälje, Karlstad, Karlskoga, Arvika, Skara, Höör and Örebro.

Cutting processing

Turnmill acquired Finspångs Finmekaniska

Finspångs Finmekaniska was founded by Hans Karlström’s father in 1954 and has more than 60 years of history where Hans took over as owner and CEO in 1989. The company, with around 30 employees, is a complete supplier of high-quality mechanical products in short series. One has an advanced, high level of competence and modern premises in Finspång. With the acquisition and merger with KWD Group AB in Nyköping, the buyer forms a strong industrial platform for continued growth by positioning with capability and flexibility in cutting operations.


Pysslingen acquired förskolan Kastanjelunden i Bromma

The preschool Kastanjelunden has been run privately since 2008. Kastanjelunden has 8 departments and a total of 112 enrolled children. The preschool is located in a building of particular cultural historical interest in Beckomberga, Bromma. In anticipation of a future generation shift, the owners contacted Anecta to lead the process of finding a new long-term owner. The election fell on Pysslingen, which since long wanted a stronger establishment in Bromma. Pysslingen was the first in Sweden to run independent preschools. The company started in 1984. Today, Pysslingen runs more than 150 preschools in Sweden. Since 2011, Pysslingen has been part of the AcadeMedia group. AcadeMedia is the largest private education agency in the Nordic region and has a turnover of over SEK 9 billion.


Familjeläkarna i Saltsjöbaden acquired Vaxholms Vårdcentral

Vaxholms Vårdcentral is the only health center in the Vaxholm municipality. The operations consist of hospital surgery, child health center and psychologist reception. It has around 10,000 listed patients, which corresponds to approximately 85% of Vaxholm’s population. In 2008, the staff took over the business as owners from Stockholm County Council. During the spring of 2016, the owners contacted Anecta for help finding a new ownership structure. The owners felt that the operations needed to be part of a larger organization and get a clearer main owner. The sales process resulted in that the company was acquired in September by Familjeläkarna i Saltsjöbaden. Familjeläkarna i Saltsjöbaden started in 2007 by Stefan and Maria Amér. The company has since grown gradually. Familjeläkarna are currently located in Uppsala, Bålsta, Husby and Saltsjöbaden, and provide medical services at around seventeen retirement homes around Stockholm. This means that you have a size where you are not as vulnerable as when you only run one healthcare center. Familjeläkarna’s current turnover is around 150 MSEK.

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