Generational succession for Östergötland company in the poultry industry

“Swedfarm does business in a highly specialised industry with, what looks like on paper, few natural buyers. With strong team orientation,  a structured process and an expansive network, Anecta was able to find the buyer that could optimally assess the potential and value that Swedfarm’s business represents,” says Johan Herslow of Anecta.

Storskogen Utveckling AB acquired all shares in Swedfarm AB on 1 November from the former owner Svensk Matfågel AB, owned by Peter, Robert and Sofia Möller. Swedfarm AB breeds, hatches and raises laying hens and offers complete facilities for egg and broiler (meat chicken) production. In the Swedish market, the company represents Bovan Chickens from Hendrix Poultry Breeders and, on the poultry equipment side, Big Dutchman, MOBA and Jensen. In business since 1943, the company has a strong position in the Swedish market. Swedfarm’s business volume was  SEK 284 million in 2015 with EBITDA margin of about 20%.

The aims of the change of ownership are to meet growing demand in the Swedish market and secure a financially secure platform for Swedfarm’s continued growth. The sellers will be significant shareholders in Storskogen Utveckling AB. Brothers Peter and Robert will stay on in their operational roles at Swedfarm.

Storskogen Utveckling AB is a long-term owner partner that develops its businesses with the objective of establishing stable sales and profit growth over time. A privately owned company, Storskogen Utveckling currently comprises 13 companies with combined sales of about SEK 1.2 billion.


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