Oscar of Sweden

Borås apparel company finds a partner abroad

Oscar of Sweden has a history of more than 60 years and is known for designing high-quality shirts. In conjunction with the acquisition, the buyer is incorporating a new subsidiary in Sweden that will take over all operations at Oscar of Sweden, as well as the company name.

“We are a perfect match”, says Gunnar Kraft, chairman of the management board at AS Sangar. “We have been looking for a complementary brand for some time, and with Oscar of Sweden, Sangar will reach a new audience in the higher quality segment. We see outstanding potential in expanding both of our brands in the international market.”

The deal was arranged through collaboration between Swedish business broker Anecta and its Italian partner company Translink Strempel & Co. It all began when the Swedish company was retained as an adviser to Oscar of Sweden. Anecta’s international network was mobilised into action, which resulted in several buyer candidates.

“The ultimate buyer actually came in through Italy,” relates Lars af Ekenstam at Anecta. “My Italian colleague Sabina Grisorio at Translink Strempel & Co performed an intensive search and discovered through an Italian supplier that the Estonian apparel company Sangar was scouting acquisitions. This meant that by working together in the network we could bring a seller and a buyer from two different countries together via a third.”


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