Anecta advises the owners of Spares in sale to Verdane

Spares was founded in 2017 and has quickly established itself as the leading Nordic distributor of spare parts and accessories for smartphones and tablets. With a cross-border network, the company supplies original parts and accessories for the majority of the world’s largest brands to repairers in the Nordic and European markets. Before the acquisition, Spares had strong development and growth in a short space of time and complemented Verdane’s previous acquisitions of the year. Behind Spares are Stockholm entrepreneurs Robert Geokhaji and Marre Chidiac, both with a solid background in the smartphone and tablet repairs industry. Spares has grown extremely quickly and has established distribution all over the Nordic region as well as in some parts of the rest of Europe through a large network of repair workshops and local distributors. The company continues to strive to expand into more countries.

In order to continue this strong growth while gaining strong support from a skilled and experienced partner, Verdane was the natural choice after a process in spring 2018. The founders still retain a large share of the company after the transaction.

Anecta’s transaction team consisted of Partner Fredrik Ullberg, Managing Partner Eric Forsner and Director Niklas Wilhelmsson.

Anecta’s comments

It has been a real pleasure to be able to help Robert and Marre find the right partnership investors for Spares, and as fun as always to be able to work with such fantastic entrepreneurs. Robert’s solid experience in the industry and knack for finding new sales channels has really generated explosive growth of a kind rarely seen. At Anecta, we are completely convinced that Spares is a company that will continue developing well together with its new business partner Verdane!

– Fredrik Ullberg, Partner