Anecta advises the owner of Oppigårds Bryggeri in sale to RÖKO

Investment company Röko has acquired 70% of Oppigårds Bryggeri AB, Sweden’s leading independent craft brewery, from founder and CEO Björn Falkeström. Oppigårds develops, brews and markets beer with a special focus on ale. Oppigårds is based on a farm in Hedemora in Sweden that has been in the same family’s possession since the 1700s.

The company Oppigårds was founded in 2003. Over nearly 20 years of operating, they have launched many well-known and well-appreciated products such as Golden Ale, Amarillo, New Sweden IPA, Norn Pale Ale and the popular Christmas beer Oppigårds Winter Ale.

Björn Falkeström, CEO and Founder of Oppigårds Bryggeri inside the brewery.

Röko now owns Oppigårds together with Björn Falkeström, who will stay on as CEO. Röko is a Swedish investment company founded by Fredrik Karlsson and Tomas Billing with EUR 270 million available for investments. Röko’s ambition is to become a long-term owner of European small and medium-sized businesses.

I quickly gained confidence in Anecta when they initiated the idea of bringing in a new capital-rich owner. The team from Anecta was well-prepared and familiar with the industry and were able to quickly produce a sales document that exceeded my expectations in terms of accuracy and level of detail. This was a cornerstone for ‘the investment case’ where Oppigårds’s strengths and position on the market were highlighted in an insightful and promotional way. Despite the fact that the process ran over the holiday period, Anecta managed to ensure a quick process with several meetings. The team showed an exceptional culture of service and persistence which was how we were able to go from the first contact with the investor to a declaration of intent in less than 12 weeks.

– Björn Falkeström, CEO and Founder

Anecta’s transaction team consisted of Partner Fredrik Ullberg, Managing Partner Eric Forsner and Analyst Robin Bodin

Anecta’s comments

By quickly getting a number of very interested buyers on board, the conditions were created for efficient bidding. Several national and international buyers showed interest, which resulted in a successful match with investment company RÖKO.

- Fredrik Ullberg, Partner

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