Anecta has acted as advisor to the owners of Garam Elektronik in the sale to PrimoTech Group

PrimoTech Group acquires Garam, active in connection technology and cabling manufacturing.

Garam Elektronik is a niche supplier with a focus on the Swedish market for connectors, cabling, enclosures, screw connections and terminal blocks. Garam has one of the market’s widest ranges of quality products in connection technology.

With two manufacturing units, in Vallentuna and in Suure-Jaani in Estonia, Garam manufactures cabling, cable trunks and works with box building.

PrimoTech Group was formed by ProfuraGruppen and Martin Johansson through a merger of a few technology trading companies.

The acquisition of Garam Elektronik fits well into Primotech Group’s growth strategy with a focus on well-managed and entrepreneur-driven technology trading companies in the Nordic region.

The transaction team consisted of