Anecta has acted as financial advisor to Danish PCSCHMEATIC in the sale to Pamir Partners.

Swedish Pamir Partners acquires the Danish CAD software company PCSCHEMATIC

PCSCHEMATIC provides an intuitive and user-friendly CAD software for the advanced electrical and pneumatic diagram. The company has great ambitions for the future and are dedicated to developing and strengthening their market position at home and abroad. The company are also in the process of developing an exciting new platform for their programs, which will provide users with an even more efficient and integrated experience in their everyday lives.

In a process where PCSCHEMATIC also want to ensure a smooth and stable generational change for the founder Ove Larsen, the company have entered into an agreement with the Swedish investment company Pamir Partners, which has acquired the majority of shares in PCSCHEMATIC. Together with the rest of the organization, they will ensure that PCSCHEMATIC continues to be guided by the strong culture and values for which the customers and business partners are familiar with.

A big thank you to Anecta, who has been our partner throughout the process and has safely guided us along with Pamir Partners.

– Hanne Rossen & Dorthe Larsen, Managing Director & Sales Manager of PCSCHEMATIC, respectively