Anecta advises Örnsbergs El, Tele & Data in sale to Storskogen

Successful electrical engineering company in Greater Stockholm changes ownership to enable continued expansion and widen its geographic market activity

Anecta has led the successful sale of the expansive electrical engineering company Örnsbergs El, Tele & Data AB. The company is a leading player in electrical engineering installations in Greater Stockholm and has increased its turnover by 80% from 2016 to 2019 with a profitability of a little over 20% over the past three years. In its intense growth journey, Örnsbergs was seeking a change of ownership in order to take a step further and encourage major actors on the regional market, which resulted in a sale to Storskogen with Anecta as advisors.

It feels great to be able to present Örnsbergs as our latest acquisition. The company is well-run, the management is forward-thinking, and the customer referrals are very good. The company is well-positioned on the market with a strong offering in BMS and the Internet of Things.

– Thomas Larsson, segment manager, Storskogen

For majority owner Mikael Partin the transaction has been a success and he is looking forward to a continued involvement in Örnsbergs with Storskogen. The process has maintained a fast pace with many parties showing great interest in the company. After an intense four-month period, Mikael Partin is satisfied with the process and the new owner.

I am grateful and impressed with the work process from all parties involved. My wish for a quick but precise process has been fulfilled by Anecta who has shown consistent professionalism and availability throughout the whole process. The clear division of roles at Anecta enabled the quick pace which made it so that four months after our first conversation we had completed the sale to Storskogen who met all the initial criteria I had before the transaction process. A big thank you and my highest recommendations to the team at Anecta who worked on the sale.

– Mikael Partin, CEO and owner, Örnsbergs El, Tele & Data

Anecta’s transaction team consisted of Fredrik Ullberg, Eric Forsner and Anton Danielsson.

Antecta’s comments

Örnsbergs El, Tele & Data has undergone impressive growth over the recent years after entrepreneur Mikael Partin entered as owner with clear organisational management and proactive work in the public sector. The company elicited great interest on the buyer side and ultimately ended up with Storskogen as a buyer. Anecta wishes Mikael and the employees at Storskogen continued success with the business.

This acquisition is our second transaction in electrical engineering in a short space of time where we are seeing continued interest in an industry with good prospects for the future. With clear influence from individual macro factors, the installation industry faces challenges which, with the right vision and resources, can be transformed into distinct and lasting competitive advantages.

– Fredrik Ullberg, Partner, Anecta