Anecta has Acted as Advisor to All Seasons Energy in the Sale to Aira

Anecta has acted as financial and strategic advisor to All Seasons Energy in the sale to the investment company Vargas Holding’s portfolio company Aira.

All Seasons Energy is a Sheffield based solar panel, air source heat pump, and insulation installer. It has substantial experience in the renewable energy and energy saving industry and is recognised as one of the UK’s most trusted installers of solar panels, air source heat pumps, and insulation measures for home and business owners.

Aira was founded in 2022 in Sweden, by the impact company builder Vargas. With headquarters in Stockholm, it has presence in Italy and is launching in Germany and the UK in the second half of 2023. In 2024, production will begin in its recently secured world-class production site in Wroclaw, Poland. Its Scandinavian heritage permeates its brand and customer promise to disrupt residential heating, a sector that is Europe’s third largest contributor to CO2-emissions. Aira delivers innovative and affordable clean energy-tech to accelerate electrification of residential heating, reducing CO2-emissions by 75–100%, depending on their electricity source.

Anecta kommenterar

The transaction between All Seasons Energy and Aira is yet another transaction that reflects the strength of Translink's global reach with local roots. We look forward to following the development of All Seasons Energy as part of Aira in the pan-European expansion.

Anton Danielsson, Director Anecta