Translink Corporate Finance has acted as financial advisor to Vargas Holding and its portfolio company Aira in the acquisition of the new German platform Garant Wärmesysteme

Translink Corporate Finance has acted as financial advisor on the buy-side for Aira, a Swedish company with the goal of revolutionising residential heating with Europe as its main market, in its German platform investment Garant Wärmesysteme. Aira provides energy technology solutions for heat pumps and contributes to reducing carbon dioxide emissions from residential heating by 75%.

Garant’s regional expertise and extensive experience will accelerate Aira’s ambitions to serve more German households. In Garant we have found an ideal partner. We are both convinced that the future lies in sustainable energy solutions, and that the industry needs to rethink its approach. Aira and Garant share the same vision and I am confident that we will flourish by learning from each other. To accelerate the rapid growth of the business, we will build a new Aira Academy that will train hundreds of clean energy experts. What better place to start than here in Glauchau -Zwickau, known as a hub for engineering talent. Aira is now strategically positioned to cater to both the northern and south-eastern regions of Germany.

– Leonhard von Harrach, CEO of Aira Germany

Consistent growth, employee appreciation, and customer-oriented thinking and acting have always been our primary focus at Garant. These principles fit perfectly with what Aira believes in. We were early adopters right from the start in 2004, recognising the potential of digitalisation and sustainable energy. Our aspiration is always to grow and go with the zeitgeist, and in my opinion there is no more suitable company with which we want to take Garant to the next level, and we have thoroughly considered this decision. The region is already a hub for technical and skilled workers, who will now have the opportunity to specialise in sustainable energy.

– Danilo Voigtmann, Managing Director of Garant Wärmesysteme

The transaction team consisted of:
Fredrik Ullberg (SE), Christian Hörner (DE) och Carsten Wolter (DE)

Anecta comments

Garant Wärmesysteme will develop Airas' energy technology solutions for the German market in an excellent manner, which will be very exciting to follow in the future. It has been a great pleasure to have served as an advisor to Vargas Holding and Aria in their platform investment in Germany. This transaction is a great example of our reach and ability to carry out acquisitions for Swedish companies outside of Sweden.

- Fredrik Ullberg, Partner Anecta

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