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Anecta Has Acted as Advisor to Langia IT Solutions in the Sale to Sareq

Anecta has acted as financial and strategic advisor to Langia IT Solutions in the sale to the investment company Sareq.

Langia IT Solutions is an IT consultancy company with a global customer base that operates in digitalisation, microservices and cloud solutions. Primary focus is on e-commerce solutions for medium to large companies. The company, which was founded in 2015 by Måns B. Strandqvist, is an SAP partner and leading specialist on the e-commerce platform SAP Commerce in the Nordics. Måns B. Strandqvist will remain a co-owner and CEO of the company. During 2022, Langia IT Solutions had net sales exceeding 110 million SEK. Between 2018 and 2022, the company reached a net sales compound annual growth rate of over 60%.

Sareq is a family-owned investment company with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a genuine interest in business development. Sareq has a long-term investment perspective and works closely with its subsidiaries. In this way, Sareq contributes both competence and capital, which generate growth and profitability. Today, Sareq has a total of nine subsidiaries with approximately 130 employees and 1 billion SEK in turnover.

For a long time, there have been ambitions to accelerate growth with a partner who believes in our vision and who wants to take us to the next level. We at Langia IT Solutions are very happy to have found that partner in Sareq, who we are convinced will be able to help us reach new heights thanks to their great commitment and long-term approach. I would like to thank Anecta for a professionally run process and constant availability that have resulted in this very successful transaction.

– Måns B. Strandqvist, CEO, Langia IT Solutions

Anecta Comments

We are proud to have been advisors to such a well-managed company as Langia IT Solutions. Since the start in 2015, Langia IT Solutions has managed continuous growth. It will be exciting to see what Måns and Langia IT Solutions can accomplish together with Sareq.

Hannes Hedberg, Anecta

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