Assemblin förvärvar RA Gruppen

Anecta Has Acted as Financial Advisor to RA Gruppen in the Sale to Assemblin

Anecta has acted as advisor to the founder and owner of RA Gruppen, a leading electrical and security installation company in Sweden, in the sale to Triton’s installation and service group Assemblin.

RA Gruppen was founded by Robert Alriksson in 1997 and has since developed into a leading company that offers total solutions for electricity and security Sweden. The company has about 90 employees and an annual turnover of about SEK 150m with an impressive profitability margin.

The customer portfolio includes several reputable companies, mainly in retail, but also in the industrial, construction and real estate sectors. Several major customers operate nationwide retail networks, with RA Gruppen’s mobile teams installing electrical and security systems in new stores and adapting existing locations.

During the first quarter of 2023, the founder and owner of RA Gruppen chose to sell the business to Assemblin in order to take the company to new heights together.

We have had an exciting growth journey, but with Assemblin as owner, we can take RA Gruppen to the next level. We agree operationally and we both have an entrepreneur-driven organisation with a strong customer focus, which is important,

– Robert Alriksson,  CEO and Founder for RA Gruppen. 

RA Gruppen is a well-functioning electrical and security installation company with long experience and a high percentage of satisfied customers. They have a unique niche towards retail, which complements our existing business in a good way. We are therefore very happy to be able to welcome RA Gruppen’s customers, employees and suppliers to the Assemblin family.

– Fredrik Allthin, CEO and business area manager for Assemblin El.

Anecta kommenterar

It has been a pleasure to work together with Robert and to be trusted to manage the process to find RA Gruppen’s new owner. RA Gruppen is an extremely well-managed company that has had an impressive journey since its start in 1997. We look forward to following the company's development as part of Assemblin's operations

- Anton Danielsson

The transaction team consisted of

Anecta Has Acted as Financial Advisor to RA Gruppen in the Sale to Assemblin